Commit 10d2e215 authored by Frederick Zhang's avatar Frederick Zhang

no need to allocate ini_ns_key

parent b1eafc68
......@@ -39,9 +39,7 @@ public:
static std::string bnode_object_get_class_name(zval *object) {
char *ini_ns_key = estrdup("bencode.namespace");
zend_bool ini_ns = zend_ini_long(ini_ns_key, strlen(ini_ns_key), 0);
zend_bool ini_ns = zend_ini_long((char *)"bencode.namespace", 17, 0);
std::string class_name(ZSTR_VAL(Z_OBJ_P(object)->ce->name));
if (ini_ns) {
return class_name.substr(8);
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